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Soothe Moisturizing Relief Cream 3.4 oz


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Don’t let pain ruin your day. This calming blend of aloe vera, shea butter, lidocaine, and CBD targets areas of inflammation quickly, easing painful joints, relieving sore spots, and moisturizing irritated skin. The light scents of vanilla and citrus will calm your mind while our hemp pain relief cream goes to work on your body.

This CBD pain cream is a 3000mg formula that’s packed with soothing ingredients, but what really makes it special is the combination of CBD and 2% lidocaine. In addition to the surface-level pain relief lidocaine provides, studies have shown that it also increases the absorption of CBD, driving the anti-inflammatory oil deep into the skin where it can access more cannabinoid receptors. The combination of these powerful ingredients means our CBD pain cream has far better uptake—and provides better results—than your average pain relief cream with hemp or lidocaine alone.